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Mediven Struva 35

Stocking for clinical compression

mediven struva 35 provides you with a comfortable alternative to the traditional compression bandages: maximum safety with simple handling. No more complicated compression bandages, because mediven struva are so simple to don. Simple wound inspection is also possible. The breathable and soft knit ensures pleasant wearing comfort. Painful constriction is reliably prevented. The outstanding medical efficacy of mediven struva has been scientifically proved (Wrobel et. al., 1996).

Product benefits

  • Precisely defined compression gradient for a high degree of medical effectiveness
  • Painful constrictions and window oedemas are reliably prevented
  • Safe, fast and simple to use
  • High level of treatment compliance due to greater wearing comfort
  • Colour coded size system for quick and simple selection of the stocking size
  • Highly cost-effective due to multiple use; simple to use; wounds are easy to inspect and treat
  • Suitable for thigh circumferences of up to 78 cm

Medical specifications

  • Post-operative, short-term compression to promote venous return after venous surgical intervention (ligatures, sclerotherapy, vein stripping, and thrombolysis therapy) and orthopaedic surgical intervention
  • To support and supplement mediven struva
  • Compression therapy to prevent oedema and haematomas
  • Prophylaxis and therapy of venous leg ulcerations of immobile patients
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